Screening at the Anthology Film Archives

Where: Anthology Film Archives- 32 2nd Avenue / NY / (212) 505-5181

What: Believing Is Seeing: Aerial Daylight UFOs NYC – 56 Minutes

Date: Saturday June 26, 2010 at 4PM

Theater Seats: 74 people

Tickets $5.00


Believing Is Seeing compiles 3 years of daytime sightings of luminous and strange objects above New York City.  More specifically, the footage was filmed at 3-4 hour intervals, several times a week over 3 years.  Eventually, you can learn how to film this phenomenon. These objects aren’t really the UFO craft you imagine when thinking of flying saucers. As you’ll see, they’re more ephemeral and range in color. They are morphing, flashing and appear at times to be dimensional.  Some are bright colored spheres that hang miles in the sky, others appear to de-cloak or suddenly materialize out of the fabric of space and time. Their color ranges from yellow, blue, red, orange, purple, lime green and ghostly pale.

The film is titled Believing Is Seeing because it had taken a shift in perspective to be able to film these objects.  It is when you let in the understanding that the universe is teeming with life, and our skies are sometimes the portal for these types of crafts.  At that point, you begin to spot the daytime aerial UFOs more often.  I made a real effort to only include the objects that I consider not to belong to black operations, or military.  In that, I wanted to also pay attention to the crypto-terrestrial and ultra-terrestrial element, similar to the observations of John Keel.

There is another element, maybe in the realm of larger and complex objects in the “heavens”, some that can shape-shift from a human shape to clusters of spheres.  You will see how they can blink out in seconds. Ultimately, remaining unknown and uncatalogued.

Ten minutes into the film, a brightly colored red object moves through the sky.  It’s hard to tell, but moving like a jellyfish (hydrozoa) flying about 1000 feet.  From talking with other sky-watchers,  these objects fly around either separately or attach to one another in a cluster as you can see in the trailer.  The clusters can release a bright glow at night and during the day.

Please enjoy this film (soon to be ready), it is an important document to own. The most engaging moments have been taken from hundreds of hours of footage to bring the viewer within a few hundred feet into the hidden world of these flying objects.

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